Quadratic Bezier Curve

Click and drag control points to change curve.

For more information, check out the post on my blog: Bezier Curves.
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Quadratic bezier curves have 3 control points and total up the values of the 3 functions below to get the final point at time t.
  1. A * (1-t)^2
  2. B * 2t(1-t)
  3. C * t^2
t - "Time", this value goes from 0 to 1 to generate each point on the curve
A - The first control point, also the starting point of the curve.
B - The second control point.
C - The third control point, also the ending point of the curve.

In other words, if you have 3 control points A,B and C, and a time t:
CurvePoint = A*(1-t)^2 + B*2t(1-t) + C*t^2.

Note that this bezier curve is 2 dimensional because A,B,C are 2 dimensional, but you could use these same equations in any dimenion!